English Club

Welcome English Club Members..

We (Admins) would like to show YOU some things to keep connection, love and respect..!

$ This group is only for learning English Grammar, Vocabulary, Simple Rules and All about English Language..
$ We don't like to see inappropriate sentences or words from anyone here, we also refuse any unsuitable words or anything bad that could harm anyone of you!
$ Mutual respect is acquired because Respect is Everything.. and if there's not respect in this world, then we are just "beasts" ..
$ The language that comes out of some members' mouths which hurt or annoy other members are absolutely banned..
$ Posting useless posts that have no relation to English Language will be deleted and we won't approve it to the group!

As soon as you are here in the group, you can learn many New Grammar rules, Vocabularies, Idioms, Phrasal verbs and much more ..
Don't miss the chance to improve your English in simple ways and with perfect ideas!

We hope YOU follow these simple rules, learn English well here and feel free to share your opinions and suggestions with us and help us do our best.

Get motivated when learning English ..
Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.

We wish YOU the best !