GÖM Technö (Grumpy Öld Men Technö)

As the name already suggests this is a group for old farts or grumpy old men who think the old stuff is so much better than the new. I'm becoming a grumpy old man myself so I thought the time was right to set up this group. Nowadays I'm listening to a lot of other music styles but I can't deny that techno will always be close to my heart. It's the style where it all began for me. Personally I think the best techno came out between '88 and '99, maybe also some in 2000. Afterwards it went downwards, which is a typical example of so goes that. So let's get grumpy and post these old beauties.

PS: anything that has nothing to do with techno like f.e. youtube links of Marco Bailey stuff will ruthlessly be deleted smile emoticon EMPHASIS ON THE OLD STUFF!