Sioux City Pets & Stuff 4 Sale

This group is for anything that is pet related to be sold. Please be kind to one another or there will be a warning and than you will get deleted if you cant act right...This is a first to say interested site. Unless the person posting the post says no hold and first with cash... Otherwise have fun and tell friends :) have a good day...

1. All animals must be at least 8 weeks old or older to be sold depending on breed of animal

2. Delete your post as soon at what you are selling has been picked up

3. If you have posted and ISO post and you have found what you are looking for please delete your post

4. I will delete posts that are over 30 days old

5. This is a first to comment site. However if you are selling an animal the owner has the right to choose whomever they decide.

6. You may bump your post 1 time every 24 hours.

7. I know everyone has busy lives but if you have something posted and people are asking questions. Please get back to that person within a reasonable time.

8. Please allow 12 hours for responses... If someone isnt getting back to you within that time please let admins know and we will try to get to the bottom the issue. :)