Professional Nursing Education is a dynamic, therapeutic, interpersonal process which inculcate holistic caring of people in various settings. As a vital component of the country’s health system, it is responsive to the needs of the society. As health educators, nurses possess an attitude of constant inquiry, research, leadership abilities, communication skills and spiritual ideals through Exemplary Education for Life (EXCEL). Within the context of health and development the College of Nursing continues to involve multisectoral groups in the promotion/ maintenance, restoration of health, prevention of illness, allevation of suffering and preservation of health at all cost. Utilizing the nursing process as framework for practice, nursing education endeavors to develop a globally competitive, competent, caring, confident and compassionate nurse who is conscientious of his/her ethico-moral and legal obligations.

A College of Nursing committed to provide comprehensive education to students to equip them to become responsive to the needs of the individual, family, community and the larger society through Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL).

Provide holistic nursing education that will assist students to internalize Christian values and equip them with knowledge, attitudes and skills in order to be committed, competent, compassionate and caring in the practice of their profession in various settings.