English speaking group

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Asslam o Alikum Respected Members ! These are our group rules(will be further refined and recompiled-when needed)
01. No one will use Abusive language otherwise he/she will be blocked .
02. Anyone Who misbehave with the other members of the group will be removed from the group.
03. Its neither friendship group nor chating so only stick with the post/discussion
04. Don't insist other to add him/her.
05. Don't ask personal information
06. Respect all other members , esp. females
07. Don't behave like a immature.
08. A member can post Maximum 5 posts/day.
09. Only post in English language is Allowed.
10. Comments only in English language , don't worry about mistakes
11. Always write complete sentence with correct spellings . It will enhance your writing and communication skills.
12. Help other in discussion
13. We appreciate those whose post will enhance the skills in English language and literature
14. only those posts are allowed which havn’t any kind of conflict with any other Religion/cast/nation etc
15. Avoid posting same things again and again.
16. Don't Say bad about any Religion, Caste, Beliefs and especially Muslim well known Personalities.
17. Don’t share immoral Picture, Video or Link .
18. No Political agenda or issue will be discussed.
19. Difference of opinion is Natural so Don't force others, try to Convince other members in a decent and polite way. Discussion is always better than Argument because Argument is to find who is right and Discussion is to find what is right
20. Don't do personal Attack in discussion . keep in mind
Great people talk about ideas;
Average people talk about things;
Small people talk about other people
21. If you see any immoral post/comment/behavior/attitude, Immediately inform member either by tagging admin name or just to click on Arrow on the Right Top of the Post and in three options, click on Report to Admin
So Please Co-operate with us, so that we may able to make this group a learning Platform
Thanks and stay blessed.
Regards: admin,s
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syed intikhab shah
Angel ynzi
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