*The New* Derry, NH Online Yard Sale

Welcome!! This group is for the buying and selling of LEGAL products in the Derry, NH and local area's. If your not in Derry please be willing to meet!! No fake designer purses, guns or drugs. This site has a zero tolerance policy on drama, nasty language and graphic photos, so keep it clean and drama free, which shouldn't be hard as we are all adults here :) Also please check out the rules BEFORE you post!! Please use this site at your own risk, while us admins will do all we can to watch everything, its important to use caution when buying items and using this site, us admins are NOT responsible for transactions gone bad please keep that in mind!!! But please contact an admin with issues/problems so we can help fix it!!! Lets face it not all of us have time to have a yard sale or go to yard sales this site provides a place you can "yard sale/buy/sell items" from home, isn't that awesome??**Warning** This is a fun site and can become VERY addicting when purchasing and selling items ;)