George Street and Brookeville Avenue Group

Hi fellow George Streetians and Brookevillains!

The idea of a group for the neighbourhood has been discussed for a while between a few of us, and has been set up for the residents of George Street, Brookeville Avenue and Brookeville after seeing a few similar things to this out there on Facebook.

It’s designed as non-formal, online hub for everyone to chat about anything and everything relating to the street, the village, the town, or just to say hello to your neighbours. Maybe one of you needs a tradesman, and someone else can recommend one...something like that.

If you run your own business, feel free to tell the rest of us about it...just don't spam us! Spam should remain in the tin...we ALL know that!

So chat away, and there’s no rules...except we’d ask that if chat turns to debate, keep it healthy and neighbourly. Everyone’s opinion is valid, and anyone’s abuse is not. :)

If you’re reading this, hello - you’ve joined! So please say hi on a post and join in :) And if you're Facebook friends with anyone on the street, spread the word and invite them to join!