Check on A Veteran

I wanted to start this group, due to PTSD, Veteran suicides, a place where Veterans, or active duty of any branch of the service can come here and talk to each other. You don't have to have ever served in the military to be in the group, just have the same concerns for the same issues at hand. Are there other groups out there for the same issues? Absolutely, but I have been wanting to do this for awhile now. Please feel free to post comments, share pics, memes that are relevant to the topics of the group, or military in general. Please feel free to invite others also to the group. ** Please do not try to sell anything in this group, or post Go fund me accounts. Questions about this, please contact an admin.
Claim to be someone that you aren't, especially in the military, will not fly here. I find out, I will post you and your information in every single veterans group that I can find. STOLEN VALOR will not be put up with. No Politics, no Politics