Hawaii Rock Awards

The HAWAII ROCK AWARDS group was organized as a grass roots effort to bring awareness to the general public of the Hawaii Rock n Roll scene, and give it the recognition it deserves.

My vision is simple: I want to have an annual awards ceremony, solely dedicated to honor our hard- working rock musicians, song writers, recording artists, producers, event organizers and all others involved in the rock music scene in Hawaii. I want to give our local Rock Community something to strive for, and to look forward to every year.

With this annual event, I hope to bring increased awareness to the public and harmony to our Rock Community. I believe this would only benefit the boosting of record sales and attendances to our live shows. I want to take rock music in Hawaii to a higher level. There is an abundance of talent in our Hawaii rock community, but so little support, as evidenced by sparse attendance to several local rock shows in the recent past.

As an event organizer/ promoter, sound company owner, sound engineer and one-time musician for well over 25 years in Hawaii, I’ve worked in just about every major venue on Oahu, and have worked with some of the best entertainers in the world. Truth be told, some of the best are right here at home in Hawaii.

Please “like” and “share” this Hawaii Rock Awards group with all your friends. There is power in numbers. I’m going to need all the support I can get from you guys. We need to show solidarity so that we can get the attention of sponsors, industry people and the like. Let me help you shine. I’ll post information and updates as things progress. If you’d like to brainstorm with me, just send me a message. I ask for your kokua and patience on getting this going. I know it would benefit all of us who appreciate local rock acts and those that make the rock scene what it is. Right on people! KEEP ON ROCKING!

Aloha, Clifford Meyer