Thai Club @ UCI 2014-2015

Sawasdee (Hi) everyone!

Welcome to Thai Club at UC Irvine! We are a diverse group of students, all from different nationalities, who have an interest in Thai culture and community service.

Our ultimate goal is to form a tightly knit group of friends and family, while being able to share our Thai culture with our peers, friends, family, professors, etc of our campus. We hope that you will support us, and please keep checking back to see if we have updates or events coming up! Thanks for checking us out and have a great day! :D

These are our previous groups if you are interested in checking them out! :)




Meet the 2014-2015 officers!

President: Chatkaew (Bell) Mingcharoenwong
Vice President: Maytin (Tin) Mahasiri
Secretary: Jann Vongchaisaree
Treasurer: Wesley Chuang
Publicity: Justine Young
Historian: Joey Vongpanya
Event Coordinator: Yolie Karanyapong
Culture Night Directors: Charlene Konkankit and Maytin (Tin) Mahasiri