Generation whY 'Entrepreneurs With Vision' - Members

Welcome To Generation whY!

This is a private group for generation whY online community of entrepreneurs, members of the Generation whY membership 'The Vision', and for members of the Gen whY Meetup groups that are held all over Australia.

If you have been invited here, it means we think you are someone special with an entrepreneurial spirit and we want to hang out with you.

Gen whYer's - This is your place to share ideas and lessons on all things business, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development. Collaborate, post photos and videos, meet members from all over Australia and share with everyone about all the kick A$$ stuff you are up to in your businesses and entrepreneurial journeys.

Rules of this group:

1. Play full out.
2. Have fun.
3. Don't abuse the privelege and spam everyone with trying to sell your wares. Yes, let the group know, but if you only try to sell and nothing else, you will be asked to leave.
4. Please don't use the group chat to send messages, please just use the wall!
5. You are encouraged to invite like minded people to this group but they must be willing to contribute and share. We won't put up with people who are here only to sell something.
6. If you have been invited onto on this group and you are not yet a member of 'The Vision', you will need to sign up there to join in the fun and get access to all the content (it's free).