FTM Photo


• WE ARE FTM – Only guys who identify as FTM are welcome in this group.

• WE POST PHOTOS – By photos we mean photos only. No meme’s, no links to articles, no links to funding for top surgery, no links to YouTube videos….i.e. NO posts without photos

• ALL POSTS MUST CONTAIN PHOTOS – If posts don’t contain photos we DELETE them.

• CHEST PHOTOS - We have to stick to the guidelines that FACEBOOK set down. Post-op bare chests are ok but pre-op bare chests don’t meet FACEBOOK guidelines. You can post a pre-op chest photo but be creative and cover your nips or use Photoshop to cover them.

Here are our specific guidelines:

1. Set a good example by not promoting illegal activity.

2. This is a tricky one, guys, but try to keep the self-promotion/advertising to a minimum. We support fundraising, but we are ALL fighting our own battles. Plus, this is a PHOTO group. We are not customers.

3. Don't be a jerk, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. If the moderators and other members think you are being a jerk there’s a good chance you will be removed from the group. If you ask "Do I pass?" you are asking a yes or no question at your own risk. That being said, again, don't be a jerk!

4. Don’t monopolize the group if you want to post more then one photo at a time create a photo album when posting.

5. The moderator’s decision is final. If you have an issue with something that has been posted, send a message to the moderators to deal with it instead of reporting it to Facebook. We are here to provide a safe place and we will ensure this happens. It is our job.