B2B Share Group!

Official share group for http://blogger2business.com/ fans!

Rules are simple share a post from your blog in the group and then choose another post from the group to share via social media yourself! Great way to connect and interact with people from the B2B group! You may share up to two posts per day, but it's expected you will share something else from the group for each post you share! Let's all spread the love (and pageviews) around!

***No advertising or spamming in the group. Spammers will be remove***

Remember - for blog advice/questions use the main group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1481563178726941 this group is for shares only!

Sometimes, certain posts may get shared more than others...it's your job to make your posts so eye-catching that others can't help but want to share!!! This is also a great place to see what is working well for others! Square images do best for FB shares or links with good photos in the 560x292 size as explained in this post - http://www.blogger2business.com/how-to-set-a-facebook-link-photo-in-wordpress/