Chatham Swappers Rant and Rave !!

Welcome to Chatham Swappers Rant and Rave
This is YOUR group.
This is the place where you can talk about deals done in Chatham-Kent.
The good. The bad. The ugly.

Know someone who sells amazing items at amazing prices? Let us know too!
Found someone selling broken, dirty, stolen etc items ? Let us know that too!
Name names at your discretion but keep the post TRUTHFUL, to the point and about the issue at hand ONLY
Personal attacks beyond YOUR dealings with a person WILL NOT be tolerated or allowed
A person's personal life, financial situation, living situation .. etc is not pertinant to your rant or rave
so DONT add it in there.
Keep comments and rebuttals FRIENDLY, FAIR AND FACTUAL
We only want to hear about your wheeling and dealing, not the other crap that often comes with it
Once a post turns nasty , it will be removed, you are free to REPOST the rant but the other stuff WILL not be continued.
3 warnings about misconduct, name calling, language etc will have you removed.

Rant and Rave Yes's
Name names
Tell what happened NICELY
Argue your innocence NICELY
Give both sides of the story
Share your experiences
You can talk about deals on the sale groups (Indoor yard sale, facebook sale, mom swap etc)
You can talk about deals at local businesses
You can talk about deals from home businesses
You can ask questions about who to buy what from ( IE: Who makes the best cakes?)
You can post a link page as an answer to a question.

Rant and Rave NO/NO's
PERSONAL BUSINESS - Don't care who is sleeping with who, who is a dead beat parent, who is hooked on what drugs, who is on welfare and who hates the fact that they are. Some things , are just common sense that they don't need to be aired in a public forum housing over 5000 and some of the most opinionated people I have ever seen in my life. Dirty laundry belongs in the washer , not on here.
Excessive Swearing
Name calling and general twat waffle behaviour
Yard sale posts unless it's for a charity
Personal information IE addresses , phone numbers of someone that you believe wronged you.
Racist remarks
Sexist remarks
Teaming up to attack someone
Rehashing old rants
You can not add a page link to a business or advertisement in a rant or rave

Play nice or I will take away your crayons ladies and gentlemen :)
If you have an issue let me know , just dont harass me over and over about it.
I will check out the issue , if it is something that needs to be removed I will.
If I dont , then I dont feel it has reached that point
I will not remove something because you dont like what people say about dealing with you.
You are more than welcome to argue that fact and provide your side . It is in fact encouraged.
Dont mistreat people if you dont want to be named for doing so.
These sale groups are to help each other out, not screw everyone over.
Be a human being to each other.

Signed Miss Shopaholik ;)