Jacqueline Logan for Student Senate 2011

Hey Everyone!
I'm not going to make any promises that are unrealistic for next year. But I do have ideas on what the sentate can do to improve our school. - I hope to improve the communication between the senate and students by creating a suggestion box so that everyones voice can be heard. -The senate bulletin board should be more regularly updated so that everyone knows what the issues are in the school. - The mourning announcements should be read at 7:40 am every morning instead of relying on teachers to read them or students can sign up on an email blast - Have students write an optional review after taking a class that will be available to future students to make the class choosing process easier. I care about Lincoln Sudbury and truly want to make it a better place by being re-elected to the student senate. I am passionate about every issue that comes up and I will bring energy and enthusiasm. Thank you so much for your consideration!