(Buying & Selling) Buy & Sell Worcester and Worcestershire

This is a Group where you can sell or give away unwanted items and buy or take other people's unwanted items.

No silly rules here! You won't be banned unless you're an absolute idiot - but any silly posts will be deleted.

All I ask is that you use your common sense:

- Sell/buy safely! Refer to the bottom for safe selling tips.
- Don't sell something with 'make me an offer' and then get offended at silly offers. On the other hand, don't make silly offers and expect the seller not to get offended.
- No one is going to give something away for free and also deliver it!
- You can sell your item to whoever you want to, but if you don't sell to the first person who asks for your item, expect them to get offended.
- If you don't like someone's comments on your post, delete it. If you don't like comments on someone else's post, ignore it!
- It takes 60 seconds to create a post... if you lose your post or it is deleted, simply repost.
- Anyone found to be in breach of general common sense will have their posts deleted (see below for more on deleting posts).
- Bump as much as you like, but expect people to get annoyed with you if you bump too much.
- For those who tend to get offended with seeing the same item bumped to the top of the page, simply scroll past it. If you're looking for something specific, use the search box at the top right of the page. You can use the same search box to find your own posts, just search for your surname...

The only proper rules are:

1. Absolutely no selling of alcohol, tobacco/cigarettes, illegal drugs/substances, weapons (including ornamental) or people. Simply because Facebook does not allow it and could delete the Group.

2. Buyers & Sellers are expected to use their common sense and not hold the Group responsible for absolutely anything that upsets them (see above for more on common sense...).

3. Advertisement of local businesses is allowed but has to comply with Facebook's Advertisement Rules. Any spam or dodgy looking adverts will be deleted without notice.

4. Deleted posts - any spam or dodgy/strange looking posts will be deleted without notice. Any posts causing or leading to an argument will be deleted without notice. If you have a genuine post and it is deleted, don't immediately get on your high horse with Admin. Mistakes can happen and it doesn't take long to repost.

Until I find a rule to say people can't sell animals on Facebook it will be allowed on this Group.

Safe selling tips:

- Don't make your phone number or address public, there are criminals out there looking for their next victim!
- Don't arrange for a buyer to collect an item late at night, especially during the dark nights. If this is the only time available, make sure you're not alone (this applies to men as well).
- Where large amounts of cash are involved, make sure you have someone with you in case a knob head tries to pull a fast one.

If you are faced with a nutter, don't contact Admin, call the police!