Closet Designs (SOMD) - Handbags, Shoes, Clothes & Accessories!!


Closet Designs - Handbags, Shoes, Clothes & Accessories!.....That's it =) This page is for all the goodies in your closet that you no longer need/want but are too good to toss away!

No major RULES here, just be nice, fair and have fun shopping, swapping and selling!

1) If you make an album, it is much easier to keep track of your stuff...........Just Rename it with your Name & Location =)

2) PM people after you comment one their ad!! It's brings their attention to the post you are interested in much easier =) also, if available, TAG them in your comment to let them know faster and easier!

!! Posts/pics will be cleaned up monthly, anything older than a month will be deleted to keep the clutter reduced...Feel free to re-post anything you still have tho!