Arena Friends (Nagpur)

Dear friends,
Welcome to the group. The rules for posting photos are simple,
1) Please upload your Sketching and drawing , illustrator , Indesigning,Coral Draw , Web Designing , Photoshop,Photography in the folder provided for that specific week. You can access the folder by clicking on the "PHOTOS" link on the TOP side of the page. Other members who have had doubts have discussed them on the folders comments. Please read them as well.
2) You may post only two (2) photos (within the scope of the theme) you want, but upload only one photo per day.
3) Usage of photoshop, image and color correction and other tools is allowed.
4) Please do not upload objectionable images indicating nudity, violence, racial hatred or anything that may be deemed unfit. It will instantly be deleted and the users will be reported to Facebook for suspension.
5) Tagging is not allowed in the Sketching and drawing , illustrator , Indesign,Coral Draw , Web Designing , Photoshop,Photography.
6) Please upload photos that only you have clicked ; giving links to other photo albums is prohibited.
7) Any uploaded photograph flouting the rules would be deleted.
8) The three uploads with most number of 'likes' would be declared as winners on Sunday Evenings. A contestant can only be declared as a winner in one position, no two or more winning positions can be claimed by the same contestant.
9) The theme for the next week will be announced at the same time or not later than Monday mornings.
10) You may send requests to add your friends on the group provided they share our interest in photography.
11) Inactive members, i.e. members who have not uploaded Sketching and drawing , illustrator , Indesigning,Coral Draw , Web Designing , Photoshop,Photography for a considerable amount of time would be sent a note and then excused from the group.
12) The wall is for photography related discussions only. Anything other than that is not welcome. Any member found to be rude or unnecessarily aggresive would be removed from the group.
13) We all want to see new photos, so please do not repeat photos already uploaded in the past, the same will be promptly deleted.
Friends, we are here to share a common passion -Sketching and drawing , illustrator , Indesigning,Coral Draw , Web Designing , Photoshop,Photography. So go ahead show your creativity.

Keep posting and Keep clicking

Thank you.