Hazelwood East High School

Hazelwood East High School was established in 1974 with the class of 1975 involved in split sessions with Hazelwood Central. The Hazelwood School District had set the boundaries for East Hazelwood, but the students attended Central during construction, with the building opening to students the following year. The school integrated an 'open-space' classroom concept. Because of this, many of the classrooms did not have four walls separating them from other classes. In the fall of 2003, the school's building underwent many renovations including 20 additional classrooms, additional windows and lockers, a science and math wing, and fully enclosed classrooms. Although the open classroom concept is now gone, students and staff interact as if these walls never existed. The Spartan population as a whole is extremely cooperative and booming with pride. They work together and support each other everyday as they pursue their educational goals. Alumni have witnessed the school evolve into a wonderful learning institution with an encouraging overall atmosphere.

Motto Home of the Spartans
Established 1974
Type Public high school
Principal Dr. Jacqeline Kelly
Students 1,484[1]
Location St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Athletics Various Sports
Mascot Spartan
Website Hazelwood East High School