Bhagwan Gopinathji

Bhagavaan Gopinathji- (3 July 1898 – 28 May 1968)

Bhagavaanji was veritably God in the human form. This became unmistakably evident to the discerning among his devotees who found him ever-absorbed in the universal consciousness. He would come down to our plane of consciousness only when prompted to answer queries by the seekers and would then instantly return to his exalted state of divine bliss.

A model of utmost simplicity and humility, he could be mistaken for the ordinary. But deep inside him was hidden the saint extra-ordinary, a Yogi of the highest order who had all the elements at his command, who could transform a person with a mere touch or glance. He not only helped the seekers advance on the path of spirituality, but gave liberally out of his "Bounty" to relieve his devotees in distress and even granted many of them fulfillment of their worldly aspirations.

Bhagavaanji had attained full union with the "Paramatman" long before he gave up his mortal coil and attained "Mahasamadhi". Having got identified with "Siva-Sakti", his energetic activity continues unabated. For the devotees he is as accessible now as he was in physical form.

Bhagavaanji is believed to have counselled his devotees not to bother themselves about awakening the "kundalini", for he considered it a risky undertaking that could harm and mislead them. Instead, he helped the seekers in "experiencing" divine illumination through direct transmission. In his hallowed presence, the true seeker felt an "overseeing power" bringing him to the path of righteousness; the change wrought in him was spontaneous and durable.

We should constantly have Bhagavaanji in our thoughts, and make it our habit to turn inwardly to him in deep prayer to earn his benedictions. Through his grace alone can we contribute our mite to running the programmes and institutions under the aegis of Bhagavaan Gopinathji Trust.

Bhagavaan Gopinathji Trust is designed to be a vehicle for spreading the message of "Bhagawaan Consciousness" - Universal brotherhood; Love and Welfare for All, Hate and ill-will for None; Progress in Life based on Spiritual Values