I Grew Up In Eastwood

For anybody that grew up in the "village in the city" that they call Eastwood
and we have all called home at some time.
If you remember eating Franks Pizza for $1.00 a pizza,
bowling at the Eastwood bowling center, sliding down Sunnycrest/Henninger hills in the winter and drinking beer balls there in the summer, Jamie's music and art
at the Dead End, Pop Warner Eastwood Bears, swimming at Huntington Pool with or without clothes, still crave Bill's Bakery Pizza, was scared straight by Francis at the Palace, remember when McDonalds at Shop City had her arches, a nice dinner out was at Arturos or Eleanors, had at least one haircut at Andreys, went to Friendly's after school dances, feared the paddle in Principal Pinkus' office, still recall the lovely odor from Bristol when the winds blew from the east, and everybody's mother did their grocery shopping at Midstate then
you belong here.