Future of Indian Affiliate Marketing

As group name suggests, It's all about future of affiliate marketer. I will do my best to increase awareness about CPA , Affiliate marketing and all the stuff related to this. Here we will talk about various strategies and ways of promoting products but it's not for those who just came here to get knowledge. Here 2-type of person will stay.

1- who is established already, experimenting something and have some question and can response to other's question too.

2- who is newbie or wants to work hard for getting in to CPA. They needs to be active in the group.

In short words, Action Taker will be appreciable everytime.

Let me tell you the rules too:
1. No buy , sell Post in the Group
2. No any type of promotion
3. No any abuse or false language
4. Share Knowledge , Don’t show off
5. No off topics Discussion Except : Affiliate marketing or CPA