I hate diabetes (type 1)

So you have found our group, it is not a hate group, we aren't all sitting here saying "I hate diabetes" and "oh i feel poopy", we do obviously on occasion, but the reason this group is named as such is so people can find it easily. Anywho, pay attention to the rules and you'll fit in here fine :)

Please be aware that we add people to the group in bulk so your request to join might not be accept right away.

Rules of the Group:

**We will only accept personal account requests (no page/non-name accounts will be added) to this group**

**posts that are clearly promoting a product or page that advertises things for sale will be removed (the word 'advertises' is up to our discretion)**

**If someone mentions something political, it doesn't open up a line of credit for you to bash their views, this is not what that page is for. Yes, people will have opposing views here...it's not like diabetes is selective and only chooses one political party as a host, we're all different. AND if you've been around the internet long enough you should have caught on by now that the hardest thing to do is to change someone's views over the internet, so don't try**

**Do not feed the trolls, let admin staff handle them, use the report thread option** (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=troll)

**Most recipe posts will be removed, this is at the discretion of our admin staff**

**I can't believe I have to add this one, do not attack other members verbally. Everyone has a right to their opinion, they have a right to ask any question they want to, you are not to judge whether someone should know something or not, if you don't feel like answering their question, simply ignore it and move on; pretty simple**

**NO SOLICITATION FOR FUNDS! We all have our financial woes, but please don't post asking for money. 1st offense is a warning, 2nd offense removed and banned.**

This is a community group, it was created FOR YOU so that your posts will be seen more by other members. We felt the I hate diabetes (type 1) page wasn't cutting it in that way and might not be as helpful. The page will remain open but this will function for your needs a little better.