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Audio Work:
Antarelectronics technology in audiovisual rentals is one of the most extensive inventories in the audiovisual rental business. Our warehouses in Ramalla industrial zone if a new technology emerges for audiovisual rentals, Antarelectronics is checking it out. By constantly turning our inventory we always have the newest audiovisual rental equipment and solutions. We house some of the finest brand names in our inventory for audiovisual rentals. Such companies are Sound craft, JBL, Samsung, Yamaha, Eaw, Obe audio, DAS, Bardl, Sure, Sennheiser, Sony, Martin, Sgm, klarktecknik, Tla audio.
We guarantee the quality of the audiovisual rental equipment you rent from us.

Antarelectronics guarantees the quality of our audiovisual rental equipment that we provide to our customers. All of Hi-Tech's equipment is regularly maintained and inspected before every use. Antarelectronics knows that when its your event the last thing you want to worry about is your audiovisual rentals. That is why we spend extra time testing and retesting our equipment which leaves you feeling confident that your AV will perform flawlessly in your event.


Antarelectronics founded in 1998, is a "Full Service" audio visual provider, specializing in the design, sale, service, installation, and rental of equipment typically found in the corporate and hotel environment.

Our daily goal is to maintain and build upon unmatched customer service. We strive to further enhance our excellent reputation as a well managed, highly efficient, organization by using technology to assist our valued clients in becoming more profitable. We recognize that quality people, believing in our vision prove instrumental in our continued success as an organization.


Antarelectronics brings more to the table than just stage lighting rental equipment. Lighting technicians will first work with the design that you are trying to create with stag Antarelectronics, then we will bring the stage lighting rental equipment to the venue. After that, Antarelectronics will set up the lights and work them during the event, and, finally, our technicians will break down the stage lighting equipment and return everything back to our warehouse. With us you get more than just our stage lighting rental equipment, you get our Hi-quality service too!

Audio visual lighting and special effects add flair and drama to the event. This type of eye candy always draws oos and ahhs from the guests. Laser light shows and other special effects used effectively at a party or small event can make the guests feel they are at a concert or large scale gala.

Make certain when implementing these types of effects that they are rigged by knowledgeable professionals who are highly experienced and certified. Effects like these, especially ones that include laser can be especially dangerous.

A well done audio visual spectacle can certainly entertain the crowd and will surely be one of the high points of the event.

The right type of lighting is also an important part of the wedding, party of special event. It can heighten the mood and add a sense of mystery, suspense or romanticism. Lighting packages, DJ equipment, special effects equipment and sound systems are available for rental, lease or purchase from special outlet houses. Usually a weekend package is the best for a wedding or party as the equipment can be checked out on a Thursday or early Friday and can be set up for the Saturday or Sunday event and returned on the following Monday for the same price as a regular one-day rental during the week.

Whatever your needs are, lists local and national listings of audio visual lighting and special effects equipment suppliers for weddings, parties or any special event.

We customize each performance to suit your needs. We can create shows for dancing, or set the scene for product introductions, award ceremonies, laser billboards....let your imagination be our guide.

We have other types of lighting available, as well as an extensive network of event services (locations, sound systems, DJs, emcees, decor, etc.).

In addition, laser light shows can be used as uniquely exciting accents to such events as fashion shows, trade shows, grand openings, or any special event you are planning.

Together with a live band or dj music, a laser light show featuring spectacular beam patterns, sweeping sheets and cones of laser light will transform your event. Custom laser graphics can personalize an event with images, designs or text created to fit the client's needs. Whether performed indoors or outside, laser shows are truly the "something special" that will make every guest remember your event
Mohanad promotion concert at Sereye Hall.

Confrence Systems

Antarelectronics Audio provides sound kit and operators for press conferences, meetings and product launches. Our inventory includes standard conference specification kit: top table mics, discrete lectern mics and broadcast grade radio mics. We have handheld mics, lapel mics and headset mics available also translation equipment ,We also have all the "behind the scenes" equipment rigging gear, mains distribution, recording and communication kit like Press box

Exibitions Trade show products and services

Your integrated solution

Antarelectronics is dedicated to providing you, not only the best possible trade show exhibit, but the best overall trade shows experience  from partnering to create a great design to managing your trade show assets year after year.

Antarelectronics tailors each exhibiting solution to meet your unique trade show and event marketing objectives and logistic requirements. We use the latest technologies, the highest quality materials and our people are among the most talented in the trade show industry. That means compelling and precise graphics, easy installations, intelligently designed cases and crates, and trade show exhibits and services that integrate seamlessly.

From 10 ft. exhibits to full-scale custom modular trade show booth systems, Custom Rentals offers a wide range of affordable display options kept in-house specifically for rental use, available even at practically the last minute. Custom Rentals also provides flexible, long-term turnkey rental programs that will solve your issues of storage, refurbishment or obsolescence of your exhibit booths

Come to us when you need a trade show Exhibit Booth, Display or Stand rental that doesn't look like a rental. We specialize in exhibit designs that stand out on the trade show floor. Find out more about our Custom Exhibit Design ability right

At our companys design site. We offer you Value  high quality at a lower cost Dazzling graphics is what give your exhibit rental pizzazz. We can produce the graphics you need from eye-catching pop-up banners to huge graphic signs that will pull customers to your trade show rental exhibit.

Our talented designers will work hand-in-hand with you to design trade show display graphics that will tell your company's story. Our graphics will stand out on the exhibit floor while blending seamlessly into your trade show exhibit booth rental.

For graphic signs, architectural lettering, murals, illuminated graphics, and any other trade show display graphics you may need point

Accessories help your trade show exhibit pay off. Rent from us whatever accessories you need . . . PC computers, laptops, audio-visual equipment, video projectors, display screens, literature / brochure stands, lighting and fabrics. We will deliver the accessories and set them up for you. Our quality is unparalleled in the trade show arena.

The accessories rentals for your trade show are too important to leave to chance. Custom Rentals specializes in helping you choose the right accessories for your trade show exhibit. To get started, please email us or call us. Get started on your accessories rentals for your next trade show exhibit booth today!

One of the ways to enhance your booth is to use trade show lighting. With the right exhibit lighting, you can make the audience stop and take notice of your company, effectively piquing the interest of new and potential clients. There are many aspects to take into account when creating the right trade show lighting effect. Such factors are the venue's ceiling height, the wash of the existing light of the building, and any limitations the venue may have. The easy look that you wanted to create does not sound so simple anymore. This is where Antarelectronics can come in and help! We can determine the exhibit lighting requirements that you need while taking into account all of the other determinants to make the ideal trade show lighting that meets your requirements.

Exhibit Lighting Simplified by Antarelectronics Experienced Professionals
Antarelectronics team has extensive experience in exhibit lighting. Collectively we have set up trade show lighting in almost every convention center, major ballroom and exhibit hall in this country. Antarelectronics has all of the important information on these venues, such as dimensions and any exhibit lighting regulations that allow us to effectively determine how to set up your trade show lighting. With our experience in exhibit lighting, you will feel secure in your trade show lighting equipment, which will allow you to focus on the other aspects of your show.