Ayden Riley Burnett- Plagio/Cranio Page

Ayden Riley was born on November 10th, 2010. At his 6 month wellness checkup, his pediatrician diagnosed him with Plagiocephaly, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and ICP- Cranial pressure. We are getting tests and specialists to find out if it's more severe than just Plagiocephaly. My fears are that, on June 1st, we will hear the diagnosis of "Craniosynostosis". Ayden is slowing becoming a different child. It breaks my heart everyday. He is always tired, never interested in playing with toys, and is slow in the developmental stages. We are also going to be working with an Early Intervention specialist. I can and will do anything for my baby.

I wanted to start this page as an awareness for these conditions and so that friends and family can get updates on how Ayden is doing! :) Also, I am in the process of setting up a bank account in his name for any donations. Ayden is going to need a helmet for sure. And if its Cranio, we may be looking at surgery. Anything is helpful. And as always, prayers are welcome! I just want to give my baby a fair chance at life. I want so much for him. If this is sucessful, I want to continue working on Plagio and Cranio awareness for other Cranio families! Thank you everyone!