Xbox 360 Modding DKModz 16+

If you disobey/break any of these following rules it may result a ban.

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1. You must be 16+ to join this group and must provide proof

2. Members have to provide proof that they are a modder or that they are a legit customer.

3. Do not sell anything but mods/RGH or JTAG consoles/KV's/ servers or xbox 360 related things.

4. No asking for free mods.

5. No posting about car meets or car lobbies.

6. If you wish to be on the legit list post a video containing your name and date on paper held to your console then to your xex menu or modding menu, then post to the group and tag an admin. We will not except just pictures!

7. Modders can only offer free mods if they are on the legit list, or if they provide legitimate proof.

8. If you are not on the legit list you must provide proof before selling anything.

9. Spam, personal attacks and or insults will not be tolerated.

10. Unrelated pictures and posts will be deleted.

11. Copying other posts and pictures and using them for your own posts will be deleted.

12. No posting others IP's, facebook's or gamer tags.

13. No posting/asking for someone to be ddos or booted.

14. Do not post illegal downloads, pirated games, virus links or scam ads they will be immediately removed. (We obviously don't want the group taken down)

15. Do not disrespect admins.

16. No posting your websites, if you really need to get permission from an admin first.

Jesse Mouat
Kimmy Jade
Ozzy Modz

Legit List:
Aaron Belmares
Ashleigh Rounds
Blake Grubz
Connor Harris
Connor Mcconkey
Dale Markie
Dale Nelson
Darren Wazza Wagstaff
Devvo Mods
Dominic Austin Morris
Girlsarebae Modz
Icymodz Iso
James Rutherford
Jason Chapman
Jay Turner
Jerjoron Russian
Joel Borton
Jorge Pinto
Justin Hamrick
Kelly Bear
Kieran Paget
Lewis Burns
Liam Hancock
Luke Ferreira
Matthew Boulware
Mike James Harris II
MrMod V Modding
Nucile Modz
Nicholas Majerowicz
Nick Dennis
Optimal Sinon
Owen Moss
Ozzy Modz
Ozzy Modz Chick
Paul Sodders
Pedro Rodriguez
Rex Everitt
Ricardo Rdz Ponce
Steven Peters
Taz Rounds
Terrence Mills
Thomas Prato
Xe Acorn

Legit RGH/JTAG console sellers:

Legit KV sellers:
Dale Markie
Lewis Burns
Terrence Mills

Legit server sellers:

Legit Web Design:

Not Trusted:
Amy Brady
Erkan Berzinmehr
Camren Ok
Michael Mccall
Sami Elizondo
Twisty Mods
Zay Gee
Faraz Modz

Blaine Flatt
Chelsea Hello
Dashy Stealth
Decision Modz
Domonic Ortiz
Jake Modz
jason lee
Joey Calkins
Jorge Limon
josh striker
Michael Watts
Twisty Modz