The New Gloucester Trash && Treasure

1. Limit of ONE Album per person. Your name MUST be on your album. Replace the date with your name.
2. All photos must be in an album to keep the site from crashing. Individual photos not placed in an album will be removed each day. If you can’t create an album for whatever reason, post a text description of your item and send photos directly to those interested.
3. Bump ONCE per day.
4. Any posts that has not had any activity for 15 days will be removed from the group to alleviate an excess of old items.
5. No Gold Parties/Mobile Gold Buyers - They are Illegal.
6. No Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programs. If you have a sponsor and they make a percentage of your sales, and you make a percentage of sales from people below you, then it is MLM.
7. Be respectful of others.
8. No illegal items.
9. Have fun!