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Anne S Phillips March 7, 2015 In response to SchoolBoardMemberClaimsResponsibilityForAnonymousWebsite in response to Betty Fisher Help me out here....these were public documents that were posted on essentially her web-site (if she owns the domain). Is there something wrong with that, it was a TBI investigation?

Anne S. Phillips
What's wrong is the deception to the public. It may not be illegal but hardly something a school board member should be doing. Sends a very wrong message to students and to the public. But look at what council is doing regarding the investigation of the police department, and the school board hiding Heitman's documents, and county commission hiding their emails and Hillary Clinton using a private server and POTUS doing whatever he pleases by executive order. Our entire country is out of control, no ethics, no morals and there is something very wrong when someone is so obsessed as to keep a domain name for 9 years just waiting for the chance to use it is nothing but pure hatred. So much for showing kids about tolerance and "civility". She should resign from the school board and parents and other school board members should demand it. Until citizens start demanding appropriate behavior on the part of our elected officials nothing will change. Our media has failed us which is why social media has become so popular and why POTUS now wants to control the internet. Control the news, control the people.