Geneseo Spring Break 2012 TO PANAMA CITY IN FLORIDA!!!

Join the 100+ Geneseo Students already headed down to Florida for Spring Break! StudentCity Travel Company has teamed up with the brothers of Sigma Nu Chi to bring you the Panama City Trip of 2012! StudentCity Travel is a travel company specializing in spring break for college students. This is planned from Friday, March 9th through Sunday, March 18th.

Better yet, all commissions will go towards the Cancer research through the Chordoma Foundation ( For more information about Cordoma see the site above, for information about commissions, contact Tyler Boshers at [email protected]

About the Panama trip:
Panama City Beach is the most popular spring break locale in the United States? StudentCity wants to take Geneseo to Holiday Inn Sunspree in Panama City, Florida. It's student-friendly spring break party hotel equipped with everything from a pool bar, stunning breach, beachfront rooms, close to all the hottest clubs and an affordable 7 NIGHT STAY. We are taking a bus down, which also means serious savings. Not to mention the biggest paint party in the country, DAYGLOW will be performing while you are there. Lucky for us, StudentCity booked them, so the tickets will be heavily discounted. *NOTE: We recently changed to the Holiday Inn Sunspree, its $20 more but its within WALKING DISTANCE of the main beach (think MTV Spring break). We are scheduled during peak week of college SB's, last year LilWayne and Flo Rida played, this year its supposed to be bigger.

Panama City Info:
This includes your bus down (which we are booking separately to save money, so prices are approximate), beachside hotel stay and, preparties at night with drink specials and free kegs.
7 Night stay: $479 per/person toward StudentCity for a 6 person room + buses there and back at approx. $210 per person depending on number of people. For a grand total of $689 (this is an approximation and subject to change).
*To be paid in full shortly after signing up! There is a 39 dollar insurance on the trip that is not included and CAN be taken off with an email to studentcity

So, I want to go, now what?
Get your hotel room together (6 for panama city) and contact Tyler at [email protected] I will get you your account numbers and we will set up the deposits online, quick and easy. The bus payments can be made via check to me -- we will set that up when you email me.

A note: Feel free to shop around. These prices are the cheapest I could find and are due to the fact that a.) this trip is high volume and b.) StudentCity wants to start running Geneseo spring breaks and they are an enormous company. No other company can give you these deals including transport/room. But feel free to do your research - I know I would. - Tyler