Katrina & Cristobal Cordially Request Your Address

So.... we ARE getting married after all of that with life and the good ol' government. Although our circumstances prevent us from doing so in the traditional order, we DO intend to send out wedding announcements, save-the-date reception cards, invites to a reception in Utah and one in Chile (So you don't have to travel! Unless you want to:)) as well as to the usual pre-(in our case mostly post-)nuptual parties. So if you are interested in receiving any or all of the above PLEASE GIVE US YOUR ADDRESS. If you aren't comfortable posting to the wall below go ahead and message either of us. Also, if you know someone who isn't listed here, either because they don't use facebook or we just haven't found them here yet or we simply spaced adding them, please message either of us and we'll get in contact with them :D THANK YOU ALL!!!!! XOXOX