Ethiopian GIS-Science and Remote Sensing Online

Join us to get the latest news in Geo-information, use other Geo Spatial data and researcher's exclusive achievements and prevent the cycle of reinventing the wheel. It is a group all about Geospatial technologies. Also featured related jobs, conferences, and GeoInfo news.

All members are invited to discuss, share and post related to any spatial information/data as well as ask/answer questions. Write your posts and comments in short and precise.
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The GIScience and Remote Sensing group seeks to advance the science of Geo-information and Earth Observation, and related fields through scientific, technical and educational activities Online in Ethiopia.

Themes ( Discussion TOPICS) :

Remote Sensing data and technology
Spatial analysis and Modeling
GIS Mapping
SDI(Spatial Data Infrastructure)
Cadaster and LIMS
Geostatistics and spatial simulation
Spatial statistical model
Space-temporal modelling
Spatial network modelling
Geovisual analytics, geovisualisation,
Spatial data mining
Spatial Decision Support Systems
Urban planning and modeling;
Geography and Dynamic modelling
Space-time dynamics
Time Series Analysis
Web/online mapping
Mobile GIS and apps