Gamer's Kingdom Fantasy Warfare RPG

Choose any video game or anime character and battle in a card ba...ttle game.Ill will create the card you desire and you conduct battle against fellow members and bosses at the club.Every month we will feature "Ultimate Showdown " In which the best players and rivalries are hosted that night.There will also be tournaments in the future in which players can compete for prizes .

(Current Champion :Damahja Ikeal)

Here are the basics you need to know in the club:

1.You need two victories to level up when you're level 1-10. You need three victories when you are level 10 -30. Four victories when level 30 -50 etc.
Cards will be updated between Wednesday and Thursday.

2. You receive new cards the more you play through the week. You can earn up to 2 cards a week. You have the chance to earn a rare.

3. You are considered an Elite when you reach level 50.At level 50 you can request an additional character. At max level 99 , you're considered a Legend.

4. All matches are settled in the comments. If you want to start a fight, Post that you're open for a fight.There will be no I'll conduct, no swearing or disrespect toward other members.Failure to do so will result in termination.

5. As the club has many members , I will respond to each member and create cards as fast as a can.I enjoy this game I created and I hope you do.But sometimes due to my busy job and family I might not complete cards in the desired time frame but I will finish it regardless as I promised.

6. Enjoy the game. Download all the starter cards needed for your character in the pinned posts.If you want to battle now download the Tidus and Aaron character cards to practice.
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