Baxley GA Tea Party Loyalists

Here is the "Battle Plan" for conservative Republicans to become an unstoppable "phalanx" of grassroots voters, capable of bringing the Reagan Revolution back into power. The US Tea Party Political Activistsis is a "build it and they will come" effort. The framework, is for us to get much better organized so that we can have an effective "on the ground" infrastructure to influence local, state, and national elections. We DO NOT WANT a national out-of-state tea party to come into our state with a candidate already chosen for any elective office; these decisions must be made by the resident tea party members in each state. US Tea Party Political Activists' plan is to be an umbrella group for the all of the "locality" area tea parties (of loyalists affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, or Tea Party Political Activists) and also "affinity" tea parties (a common activity or interest) such as the US Tea Party Political Activists 2nd Amendment Caucus, the US Tea Party Political Activists to Life Caucus, the US Tea Party Political Activists State and Federal Tax Lid Caucus, the US Tea Party Political Activists Homeschool Caucus, The US Tea Party Political Activists In God We Trust Caucus, and the Native American Tea Party Political Activists, with the "locality" and "affinity" groups meeting together periodically in joint sessions of the tea party county conventions or congressional district caucuses and also at Tea Party State Conferences. The county conventions sends up to 3 proposals for State Laws and congressional district caucuses sends up to 3 proposals for US Federal Laws, with the Tea Party Political Activists State Conference selecting the TEN MOST WANTED STATE LAWS and also the TEN MOST WANTED FEDERAL LAWS to be provided to each state and federal Representative and Senator. If they vote for all ten most wanted laws, they get a 100% State Tea Party rating. If these legislators vote for 9 of the 10 they get a 90% State Tea Party Rating. But if the politicians get a 70% or worse State Tea Party Rating then they will get a Tea Party opponent coached in the US Tea Party Candidate's Prep School, in the next primary election (just like your child bringing home "C's" on a School report Card) Congressional Dist. Caucuses elects one Delegate and State Conferences elects two delegates, the US Tea Party Political Activists Electoral College, of 535 delegates from all 50 states meeting prior to the 2016 presidential primary election or presidential caucus. Candidates will speak to the US Tea Party Electoral College as an "earned media" news event. Then all of the 535 elected delegates from the Tea Party Congressional District Caucuses, the Tea Party State Conferences, meets in Executive Session to endorse one of the candidates as the officially endorsed US Tea Party GOP presidential candidate. In this manner, we do not face the problem of having a number of presidential candidates splitting the tea party vote nationally!