Guided and Unified Interaction for the Development of Children Inc.

2008 & 2007 National Outstanding Volunteer-Individual and Organization, PNVSCA

2003 finalist; 1st Ten Accomplished Youth Organization, National Youth Commission


GUIDED AND UNIFIED INTERACTION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN, INC. (SEC REG. NO A199701779) is a non-stock-non-profit organization organized in 1997 tom help children with special needs including orphaned, abandoned and street chuildren. GUIDE, Inc., an acronym for the foundation's long name, sponsors an annual 10-day summer camp whose programs involve educational, socio-cultural and psychological activities geared toward children's rehabilitation, learning, recreation and socail adjustment.

The foundation hopes to bring together resources, knowledge and expertise of professionals and volunteers in response to children's issues like autism, mental retardation//Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, giftedness, physical disabilities, street life and behavior and those that are psychologically handicapped.

GUIDE, Inc. is founded by 11 founding initiators and 20 pioneer members who come from diverse background: psychology, education, social work, medicine, and business; who are relatives of "special" children; and those who, like students, share deep concern on the plight of the unfortunate children.


To translate GUIDE, Inc.'s mission of "service to children above all", the foundation hopes to achieve the following:

1. To hold summer camp for children who are mentally, physically and emotionally handicapped including orphaned, abandoned and street children once a year.

2. To provide avenue for professional and student volunteers to have inherent altruistic character and built-in caring attitude and to serve as training facility for them in developing their skills in the understanding of the complex world of children who are handicapped and "special" by nature;

3. To promote public awareness, sympathy and concern on the plight of "special" and unfortunate children;

4. To provide eduacational opportunities, when able, to children in support of their educational and learning needs; and

5. To put up a center, when able, to house and to attend to the needs of "special" and unfortunate children.


In pursuits of tits goal, GUIDE, Inc. is guided by the following principles:

1. GUIDE, Inc. believes in the capacities, creative skills and potentials of children.

2. GUIDE, Inc. advocates for the protection of children's right and their welfare.

3. GUIDE, Inc. focuses on programs that promotes and enhances children's self-esteem, faith in their capacities and the development of their creative skills, and potential for growth.

4. GUIDE, Inc. cannot save the children by itself, it hopes to effectively work in partnership with any NGO, government agency or private entity of similar or willing to pursue the same vision/mission.

5. GUIDE, Inc. supports and encourages the active participation of professional and student volunteers, local NGOs, POs and other civic organizations in the implementation of its projects with equality as the fundamental basis of any working relationships.

6. GUIDE, Inc. believes and respects the rights of the child.


1. GABAYAN is a GUIDE Inc.'s prime program. It is a ten-day summer camp annually held intended to provide the "special" and the unfortunate children the opportunity to:

a. Travel, discover and learn things differently from the usual that they have in their environment;
b. Enjoy the company of other children either normal or "special" through activities that will provide them exploration and experience for self-discovery.
c. develop faith in their capacities and use their creative skills to hone their potentials;
d. enhance their self-esteem through association to people with no attachment to them and develop friendship among themselves ; and
e. understand that the world is a good place to live in.

2. INSTITUTIONAL SOCIALIZATION PROGRAM. Monthly visit to institutional benefiaries to socialize with wards/children through programs and group dynamic activities that help maintain social connection among children beneficiaries and volunteers.

3. CHILD ADVOCACY. GUIDE, Inc. receives invitations from various schools and organizations to speak on the plight, conditions and life of "special" children including orphaned, abandoned and street-children. Information campaign is also initiated to correct the false impression people have on these children.

4. VOLUNTEERS TRAINING PROGRAM. A program designed to train volunteers who are either undergraduates or professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required to assist GUIDE, Inc. in the management and care of "special" children participants in Gabayan.

5. DEVELOPMENTAL TRAINING. A special program initiated to develop sped teachers and children caring professionals in the handling and management of "special" children in the classroom, social and home environment. Theoritical and hands-on training on care and management of children are conducted to promote child-friendly approaches and techniques.

6. REFERRAL AND COORDINATION. Children are referred to other agencies or institutions when temporarily shelter is needed or for any other reason that call for the protection of their interest since the group has still no center for which the children can be attended to.

7. COUNSELING. Counseling services are extended to children and children's parents or relatives or anybody who may require assistance in the understanding of the needs of "special" and unfortunate children.

8. SPORTS. Sports program for "special" children are initiated through the conduct of mini-special olympics. Coordinates with and assist partner children welfare agencies and other NGOs on the sports activities of children with special needs under their case.