This group is for the geezers out there and the kids who want to know about West Pittsburg history and some of the folks that made the Burg, Da BURG!

This is short and sweet, so if you'd care to see some old time pictures and articles and such about things that happened in the burg by people, that for the most part, are no longer with us.
If you request to be a member, please tell us what your 'Burg connection is, who you are related to and where you live now.
SPECIAL NOTE: 12/31/2009
I have pictures that I have taken, well over 25 years ago. They are from my archives and are being posted for the nostalgia effect. There is no harm intended and if anyone sees a picture that they think may hurt someone's feelings (like a couple or marriage that broke up) - PLEASE advise me and I will take it down ASAP.
New Member Request Note: 11/17/14
Potential New Members: PM me your connection to the Burg. If you have no common friends then why do you want to join up?