To All LEYECO V Consumers: For your concerns, please contact LEYECO V at any of the numbers listed below: Main Office: SMS/TEXT ONLY
SUN: 0932-892-8090; SMART: 0908-865-9575; GLOBE: 0917-876-3656 CALLS ONLY
SUN: 0932-882-5095; GLOBE: 0917-836-3895 LANDLINE: GLOBELINES: 561-4075 to 4078 local 200-205 Talisayan Sub Station, Albuera: GLOBELINES: 562-9474
TEMPORARY (Calls Only): 0908-557-6432 (SMART); 0906-461-6432 (GLOBE) Mahayag Sub Station, Isabel: GLOBELINES: 556-9820
TEMPORARY (Calls Only): 0908-5576431 (SMART); 0905-4166431 (GLOBE) Palompon Service Center: GLOBELINES: 555-9036; 555-8004
Tabango Customer Hotline: GLOBELINES: 551-9786; GLOBE DUOS: 370-0019; 0917-500-9857
Calubian Action Center: GLOBE DUOS: 530-7282; 0917-636-6337
Sambulawan Sub Station: GLOBE DUOS: 530-7281; 0917-636-6345 Please note that the cellphone numbers of the Main Office are directly connected to our PABX system therefore do not send SMS/text messages to the numbers which are for calls only and do not call the numbers which are for SMS/text only. Thank you.