Welcome to the DIE HARD ♔♚└A KINGS♔♚ FANATICS!!!! ♡ Group Page‼

This group is for anyone who LOVES THE 2012 & 2014 Stanley Cup Champion LOS ANGELES KINGS!!!!! ♡ ♔♚♡ GO KINGS GO! ♡ ♔♚☺

Here are the main rules of the page;

1. No bad mouthing the home team or ANY of your fellow fans. Don't start fights with anybody on here. We are All Kings here♚‼ We ARE the Royal Family we should act with regal grace befitting nobility. No discrimination WILL BE TOLERATED!

The LONE exception;

The only discrimination or hatred we will tolerate from ANY MEMBER OF THIS GROUP, Is against THE OTHER TEAMS FANS‼!

But only in 60 minute intervals…

In 20 minute increments…

WITH AN OPTION for an extra 5…

And possibly a shootout…


Our hatred reverts to pity of these misguided, loyalty-misplaced hockey Fans.

2. Cuss words are allowed because, let’s face it, WE'RE HOCKEY FANS! HOWEVER, discriminatory words are PROHIBITED! (Please use your own common sense and judgment to determine what words fall into THAT category.)

3. No Drug references. Just DON’T.

4. We know Die Hard Fans here like to help other Die Hard Fans, BUT we have had issues in the past concerning a few fans asking other fans for the homemade Kings items they make with their own loving hands and post here. We here at Die Hards CANNOT take any responsibility for private transactions between fans of this page. And while on the subject;

5. NO Hoax Posts, and NO Advertising Spam!

All Hoax posts will be deleted AS SOON AS WE GET A REPORT!! SO STOP DOING IT!

ONE AD, and not only are you REMOVED from the group, you WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED‼ No warning, NO APPEALS‼

Die Hard members MAY request that we S4S (Share for Share) with like minded pages here on Facebook and other Social Media, but you MUST request via one of the Admins via Private Message and it will be discussed BEFORE a decision will be made. Which leads us to our final, but certainly not last, rule;

6. Again This an ♔♚└A Kings♚♔ Fan Page… Though we are also fans of different sports; baseball, football, basketball and other sports teams, we ask that you not bring them up on this page, in order to avoid all the fighting between us Royal King fans…. *That's* why they have pages for all of your favorite teams, and that’s why we have Rule #1.

And above all…

We Are All Kings‼