Young Meditators and Sidhas (Transcendental Meditation)

This group is for anyone practicing Transcendental Meditation from the age around 18-35.

And again: ~18 to ~35. I keep getting requests from younger or way older meditators. Thank you for your interest, but this group is not a general TM group, it is for the youngsters only! TNG! The Next Generation.

It is a place where we can share and inform about actual TM based events and is also a good way to meet and connect with other young meditators and sidhas from all over the world. Please use english as default language so everyone in here can follow.

Please check our mailbox(others) after applying for the group. I need to check your age and TM status.

Thank you for joining the group and enriching the world around you with your divine presence!

~Spread love and wisdom~

Jai Guru Dev

Stefan Schrott