iTunes Teenagers/NchateRadio 2010-2011


iTunes Teenagers/NchateRadio is a Group made by Teenagers from Morocco. The Reason the group was created is to find a place where you can connect with people from across the world and share with them Posts,articles,Music....Facebook as a Network doesn't have that,because when you create a Profile anything You share will be Shared only with Your Friends.

While on iTunes Teenagers/NchateRadio Provide a Space where you can post anything you want and what you post will be definitely seen by Hundreds or even Thousands.

the Name of the Group has Two Meanings: iTunes Teenagers which means Musical People and NchateRadio (Nchate is a Word in arabic that Means FUN) means Fun Radio.

iTunes Teenagers/NchateRadio is Not only for Music it is a Place for Sharing.

So Please ADD as Many of Your Friends as you can to The Group!

P.S: Politics is prohibited in This Group, Only ADMINS Have The Right to Speak about it. and Thank You,

ARABIC: (Darija)

ATTENTION: iTunes Teenagers est Un Groupe Darouhe des Jeunes mn Morocco . La Raison.....Bon Ytl9awe M3a Des Amis Jdade, ydirou des Activités, Ytcharkou M3a B3diathoume etc.....

iTunes Teenagers Kat3ni les gens Music, mais le groupe mach ri diale la music, le group fihe aussi Nchate. 3liha Smiete le Groupe:

iTunes Teenagers/NchateRadio.

Ntmana, Bash Tstamt3ou ble Groupe, ou T3awnouna bash Ndirou akbare groupe fle Maroc. Car hade L'Idée 3oumrha makannet.

Mtssar3ouch bash TKharjou mle Groupe, car li Ykhrouje MayRja3ch. Hade e Groupe diale les Ados Pour les Ados!

3afakoume Ajoutiwe vos amis!

P.S: La Politique Est INTERDITE Fhade le Groupe, Seulement les Admins 3andhoume lha9 bash yhadrou 3la La Politique. Et Merci,

En partenariat avec MFJRADIO
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