Young Expats and Locals in Ho Chi Minh City

This Group connects all young Expats and Locals in Sai Gon for the purpose of sharing different cultures, languages, and interests. Contrary to the name of our group, people of all ages are welcome! Remember, people are only as old as they feel!

For Expats:

Let us make you feel at home!
We understand that you are staying away from your home and that you might have a difficult time meeting new friends, interacting with the locals, and that you will be going through some homesickness. I have good news: We made this Group for you! You can share anything with us here: your life in Vietnam, what you are interested in, as well as your joys and your sorrows. We also want to learn about your country! There are a lot of people here who are interested in your travels and experiences. Even though we come from different national and cultural backgrounds, we can all come together and learn from each other, and maybe have a little fun in the process! We hope you enjoy living in Sai Gon/Vietnam and the Group :).

For Locals:

Since we are living in a globalized world, this is a place for us to recommend Saigon/Vietnam to our friends all over the world! And a place to get to know more about worldwide cultures and to know what is happening outside of Vietnam. The final aim is to help improve our country more and more. Therefore, we are here not just to tell our friends (Expats) about Vietnam, but we also have a duty to help them adjust to living here. We can do this by introducing them to our friends, showing them around, teaching them Vietnamese, and how to argue down prices, along with so much more. We have to do our best to make all of us become ONE! We hope you all enjoy the Group :).

And remember that this Group is for all of us to interact with each other, both Expats and Locals.

Ok Everyone, this might be a long message, so now we save the land for you!
We hope all of you enjoy the Group!!! :) .
Admins Team