1,000,000 Strong Against Harriet Tubman's Radical Agenda!

Can you believe it? That crazy socialist nut job Harriet Tubman wants everyone in this country to enjoy equality. Black people. Mexicans. The gays. Them Muslims. Women.

Equality for all? Hello? Crazy!

I mean, if we allow blacks to have equal rights, then what is next? Yellows? Rainbows? Reds? Seriously, would you really want Communists to have the same rights as you?! And since Communists are probably Muslims, then that means they are DEFINITELY terrorists (...ALL of them), and that obviously makes Tubs a Socialist, a lesbian, and a Jesus Christ hater. She is evil! She clearly wants to destroy America, and since we are America-loving Americans, we won't let her get away with it! I mean, what's next? My dog driving? My cat changing its cellular plan to allow for unlimited text messages!? This lady will stop at NOTHING to ensure the success of her radical agenda. I hear she's even going into our daycare facilities and recruiting toddlers to be against hatred--to actually share crayons with black toddlers and gay toddlers and lady toddlers. And that makes me mad. Thanks a lot, liberal media elite Hitler-looking chaos-causing-just-like-the-Joker...elites. Just so you know, we'll be voting against education funding so that you stop getting smart enough to recognize that we're really just dumb people who have been lucky enough to score television shows on Fox.


If it isn't obvious, then let me state it clearly: this group is satirical in nature, designed with the intention of engaging with some of the fallacies that fuel an uncomfortably big chunk of our nation's political discourse today. Think of this as a Facebook-ian clearinghouse of all the ridiculous, paranoid, false, terrifying and/or hilarious ramblings of the extreme right. Because when the prospect of them potentially leading us doesn't terrify us, it often amuses us. We might as well laugh at them before their security details handcuff and kick us in the collective head.

For me, well, I like Harriet Tubman. I think she was pretty awesome...

(All photographic manipulation was completed by Thomas Shea. I am a technological bonehead.)