Lordstown Parents Oversight Committee (POC)

We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to introduce P.O.C. (Parent Oversight Committee) to our school district. P.O.C. is a group of parents who are interested in attending each monthly Board of Education meeting and then reporting to the parents about what is being said and done at each meeting. The purpose of P.O.C. is to ensure that an open communication remains between the Board of Education and the parents of the school district and that no parent feels that their concerns, opinions or praises go unnoticed.

We find that parents in this district are not able to make it to the monthly school board meetings but want to be informed about what is going on in our district. Parents feel detached from the school system because their questions go unanswered, concerns get pushed aside and they feel that their voice doesn’t matter or they don’t want to go to these meetings alone.

We are resolving these problems in two ways: 1.) We are opening an email and phone communication where parents can email or phone their concerns to leaders of the committee who will then meet with committee members before the board meeting and discuss ways to help solve the issue and/or for the committee to serve as a liaison between the parent and the Board. 2.) We are asking for parents to be a part of the board meetings. Although we would all love to attend every meeting, sometimes it is not feasible. We would like to have enough people willing to attend the meetings. The board has asked for more participation from the public and they want to see bodies in the audience.