KL Wanna Sell-n-Buy

Treat this space like a virtual car boot sale - a place to Buy and Sell your new (no businesses please - just individual items that you want to be rid of!!!) or preloved items.

Group guidelines:

1. PRICE your items when posting, otherwise your post will be subject to deletion. Oooo...
1a. If you have more than 3 (THREE) items to sell, do create an album and put all your items in there. When you sell something, delete/edit the album. When you add more things into your album, you can indicate by commenting 'new items added'. Please do not FLOOD the group wall with your stuff - it is very inconsiderate to other sellers.

2. No controlled items such as medication, drugs, birds nests (?!), alcohol etc. etc. All this is NOT allowed to be sold on this site - by LAW.

3. No group buys. You want to start a group buy, kindly create your own group and do it there, thanks.

4. No spamming. You risk getting kicked out if you do this.

5. DO NOT BUMP or 'UP' your posts. This isn't very nice and makes you come across as a real kiasu prat. You may also risk being kicked out of the group for being a prat. No notice will be given.

6. DO DELETE items that have been SOLD. There is no need to comment 'SOLD' on the item. Please simply delete the post.

7. Anyone caught buying and reselling for profit from this group will be permanently banned. This group is not for anyone to make a handsome profit from or to alienate members by dealing dodgily with. Buy and Sell with INTEGRITY. If you want to make a cheeky, dubious profit, get an ebay account and sell your crap THERE.


NEW NOTICE: We're phasing off clothing, shoes, bags, etc, here....please visit our spin-off group, 'KL Boots, Bags and Beyond' for all that crazy nonsense!


Admin reserves the right to amend these guidelines as and when they see fit.

This Group will hold NO responsibility WHATSOEVER for ANY sales transactions conducted between members.

You may take orders for your own homemade perishables such as cakes, cookies, acar, sausages, etc. but the Group will not be held liable for any upset stomachs and potential food poisoning which may arise from such endeavors. If you are selling these items, it is only fair to indicate the price per cake/kilo/box etc etc on any photos you post. Buyers please contact sellers DIRECTLY via pm.

Safety Rules: It's best to keep actual negotiations, phone numbers/addresses/email addresses exchanges in PMs.

Also, let's not make your posts here advertising for your business :)

We will allow posts if you are trying to rehome individuals animals, especially if they belong to you (or you are very familiar with the animal's temperament and history/background) but generally, we hope you will try other avenues, like the SPCA, MIAR, Petfinder, etc for this noble purpose.

Feel free to drop us a line (pm) if you have any questions, complaints or kudos! :-)

Good luck with your sell n buy!

Group Admin & Page Owner: Shazmin Krahenbuhl
Co-Admin : Angelia Ong