2000 mile SexYOUality pilgrimage!

SexYOUality Social work student extrodinare Imogen Velouria is doing a hundred day placement with a Cambridge charity called SexYOUality! They do very very VERY valuable work all accross Cambridgeshire working with LGB young people, giving them support and building their confidence in themselves. LGB young people are more likely to self harm, suffer with mental health problems and have suicidal feelings than heterosexual young people, and SexYOUality gives these young people a space to be themselves and have some fun in a safe environment.

"Over the course of my100 days I plan on cycling 2000 miles in a bid to raise some much needed cash for this organisation who have won me over with their enthusiasm and efforts to change young lives. Its more of a long haul effort than a one off slog but I'd like to think it will provide a pretty impressive challenge, especially in the winter months!

If anyone is interested in offering some money for support, then please do let me know! Any amount would be much appreciated, every pound is stretched to cover as much ground as possible. Over the course of my placement I hope to make new efforts to reach out to communities that are particularly isolated, where young people may be suffering the most, such as as amongst the travelling community, Asylum seeking families, and various religious communities." Imogen

To make a donation, (Thank you in advance!) Please go to www.charitychoice.co.uk, search for SexYOUality, and make a donation!