ISWB (Fall 2011- Spring 2012)

The ISWB ( International Students’ Welcome Board) is a volunteer students association that started its activities in October 2009 to help Erasmus and Exchange students incoming in the Faculty of Economics of Torino.
This association is currently composed by students of the Faculty of Economics who have been exchange students themselves in Europe and all around the world. Before you get to Torino, you will be paired with an Italian student belonging to the International Students’ Welcome Board who will be able to help you both with practical issues and doubts you may have in your classes and so on. As you will experience, meeting new friends is easy with us :)

Getting to know us better;

Michele Ferraro, Business Administration, went to India, Morocco and Taiwan. languages: english, spanish, chinese
Elisabetta Rosso, Finance, went to Montana and Sweden. Languages: english and spanish
Andrea Sottero, Business Administration, Montana and Sydney, english, french.
Adina Voicu, Business Administration, Wien and Atlanta, english, romanian.
Irina Pesterean, International Management, Florida,Tanzania and Sydney.english, french,
Roberto Gonella, Business management, Valencia, spanish and english
Fabrizio Gallo, Business Management.Chicago, Paris and Seoul. English, french
Eleonora Carnaroglio, Business Administration, Sweden and Arizona. English and spanish
Silvia Villari, Business Administration,Arizona. English and spanish
Tommaso Favero, Business Administration, Arizona.English,german, french
Riccardo Gatto, Business Management, Finland, english and finnish.
Maria Vittora Hercules, Finland, english
Lavinia Fanari,Finland, english, french
Marco Lopez,International Management,Madrid, spanish, english
Elisa Carrara, Business Management, Finland and Chile, english and spanish
Alessio d'Antino, International Management,Seoul and Sydney, english
Enrico Reghini, Atlanta, english and spanish
Nabila Sandrone, International Accounting, Atlanta, english
Virginia Bressano, Economics, Canada, english, chinese


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