SRT4 Tuning/performance and issues

This is a section for Dodge SRT-4 Tuning, Performance, and Technical Issues ONLY!!!

We have to have some rules to maintain some sort of order around here. Please read through them. By posting in this section we assume that you have read them all. If you break them, you will get one of the following:
1. You might get a comment telling you to change something, or add something to your post. Do it.
2. Your post will be deleted, with or without warning.
3. For repeatedly or blatantly violating the rules, your post will be deleted, and you might be removed from the group. Do it bad enough/too many times, you will be perm-banned.

OK, now the rules. Real simple:
1. It must ONLY be a post about actual Tuning Issues or Technical Questions about either flavor of the Dodge SRT-4. This is NOT a section to post show off pictures, jokes, invites to other groups, rating your car, and NO FS/WTB of ANY KIND, or anything else off topic.
2. Profanity/nudity/NSFW. People read this at work, there are minors here, and other people who find this stuff objectionable. This is a public forum. Use common sense, and try to expand your vocabulary a bit.
3. No thread jacking, no bullying. If we catch you dogging someone or someone's post, you will face the consequences above.
4. If you post a response with some tech, make sure it is accurate. The mods here all have a LOT of experience with these platforms, and know when what is being posted is true or if it is false. We will correct bad tech where we can. There are some vendors on this group, too. They now what they are talking about.

We try really hard to keep things loose around here, but we are here every day. We try to keep people out of the group who cause trouble, or are just trying to sell you anything. These people do get by sometimes, however, and as soon as we see that stuff, we remove the post and that person from the group. If there is something bad going down, tag one of the mods in the thread, and we'll deal with it.

PM'ing us, whining, does not guarantee we will come to your aid.

There may be exceptions to these rules, and we may decide to clamp down harder in other cases. We exercise good common sense. We suggest you do the same. This should be a fun and educational group. We don't get paid for this, so please, use this group appropriately. Thank you!