Apata's iro re-union,ilawe ekiti

Ekiti Decides,today make it exactly a month to go.Candidates of various political parties that filled candidates had been going about the town and villages to campaign to people.in. All these sweet promises of candidates to the people of Ekiti none of them had promise and swear with either Bible or quaran that he wil never embesue Ekiti money if elected.All of them hve been pulling crowd and these are human beings .Do I say people are easily fall to deception or they lack sense of directional motive.Many of these people campaigning had been in one position or the other before but what have they done for the people to deserve their support to follow them.Can a neopard change its skin.? What baffle me is that illiteracy and ignorance has eating deep into d sense of electorate especially some categories of people in our soceity who can't different btw right and wrong.I knw most of literate class can't follow wrong candidate that can't offer them a good thing.Let people change their orientation and do what's right in electoral process.My advice mostly goes to the youths,okada Drivers to shun violence during Ekiti poll and future election .politicians are using okada riders and drivers mostly because of their level of illiteracy.Don't allow yourself to be use wrongly .if they use you they will later dump u.Be wise...ApataDgreat.