Fronti Nulla Fides

Fronti Nulla Fides is a Re-enactment group. We set up medieval encampments and show the medieval camp life in the Netherlands in the 15th century. Our group varies between 15 and 20 persons and we show up at various events during the year.

We show a typical trade group from that period that originates from the township/city of Zwolle. The group exists of traders, artisans, mercenaries and travelers under the lead of noblemen.

During the events we show the artisans at work, we have smiths and leather-workers in our group. We show combat between mercenary fighters, various medieval board and card games. Our camp shows how we cook, sleep and live in the camp. Kids can see and try some of our armor and weapons (of course under guidance of our members), play the medieval games and sit next to the campfire.