Goddard's Best Ugly Sweater Contest!

SO sorry guys, didn't realize you could not post your best ugly sweater photos to an event! SO PLEASE POST THEM HERE :)

Be sure to take a photo of yourself with your best ugly sweater (the term "sweater" including sweaters, sweater-vests, shirts that are sweater-like, and nightgown type stuff). You can also submit a photo of yourself when you were younger, but YOU must be the main subject of that photo (ie, you and your parents is okay, but you with your parents, sister, uncle, cousins, great aunt twice removed...not so much). Remember: ONE PHOTO PER PERSON, please. And come on, we all have photos of ugly sweaters! We were born in the early 90s!

The person who gets the most "likes" FROM GODDARD RESIDENTS will win! Remember, YOU CAN ONLY "LIKE" ONE PHOTO from the bunch, please! Voting--or rather, "liking"--ends on December 15th at 11:59pm. So go put on your best ugly sweater!

This is an open group meaning you can invite others to join, but please, limit this is GODDARD RESIDENTS ONLY!