A loving memory to Robina Darkis

mom tomorrow would be your birthday i cant help but think what would we be doing to celabrate it! I hope that you have the same fun in heaven as you would have here i think about all the fun times you missed with your grandchildren as they grew and learned though you have missed a lot of them in person i know that you are watching over them and smiling as they learn new things everyday. i can only image what you would say to them each day as they grew but i know that whatever words you used that you would say them with love. There are many things i wished you were here so i could ask you but i know that i never will be able to unless i make it to heaven with you. I think about how much i can teach my lil Avigail about you and everything that you taught me and there are many times i don't think that i am able to due to the fact that i dont know it as well as you do. I cant complain that i didnt have enough time to learn i just never paid much attention to things and now i regret it i make sure that everyone i know understands that they dont have all the time in the world to show their mom that they love her. I wish i had learned that lesson myself before you had to go home to heaven if i had i would have spent every chance i had free learning and growing more close to you.